My Running Goals for 2018

  1. Set personal bests in the 5K, 10K, ten mile, and half marathon — this is pretty self explanatory, the 10K and ten mile will be easy since I have not run those yet but the 5K and half marathon both feel ambitious but attainable
  2. Do “supplemental” exercises twice a week — by supplemental I mean doing core, hitting the weights, body weight exercises, and things of that nature twice a week. These help with running and also keeping me injury free. Need to stop being lazy and skipping these.
  3. Increase the mileage of my long run — I’ve been slacking on my long runs the past few months, usually getting somewhere from 8 to 11 miles in one run on Sundays. It is time to step my game up, as the long run is a really important part of my training, especially as I aim for longer races.
  1. Continue to run from a place of happiness — For the past six months, my running has stemmed from a place of happiness. Meaning that I have enjoyed my running and seen it as more of an opportunity, then something that just needs to be done. I am blessed that this is true and it is something that I want to keep in mind as I move forward into 2018. There will be bad days, but remember running is a blessing.
  2. Be honest about your running but also be kind about your running — I’ve written before that part of what draws me to running is honesty. Pushing myself in races had led to a point where I have to decide whether to keep pushing or give in. I have chosen both options at different times. Choosing to give in is a tough pill to swallow because it tells me that I am not the person I want to be yet. I have quit on myself many times in running. So with this in mind, I will continue to value that honesty but also be kind to myself when running does not go how I want it to go.
Thinking about my process oriented goals always makes me think of the past and why I did this sport in the first place. The simple answer is I enjoyed the living hell out of it. This picture is from 2011, the year I first fell in love with track. Seven years later, I still love it.



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Tucker Horan

Tucker Horan

Just a guy who runs and tries to do some writing